It began with Frank Schneider building the Stratton MT. Ski Resort. He imported the Alpine Ambiance with the legendary skier Emo Henrich, who brought  seven ski pros.  Three of them  were musicians as well, Adi - Walter - Adi, and the Stratton Mountain Boys were born. 
The  instructor band grew in numbers  and gained national attention on festivals in most every state of the country. When it comes to skiing expertise all of the boys were exceptional. Emo topped the list, Stefan proofed it by winning the Eastern Freestyle Skiing Championship and many other events. Adi, a  high ranking  -  NASTAR      
 PACE SETER, became head of a ski school that posted nearly one million ski lessons during his tenure. Some band members since have retired.  Yet, a core group under Stefan remains active. So it is, that today the Stratton Mountain Boys are still bringing in fall their "Joy de Vivre"  to selected festivals from Vermont to Florida.                                                                     
Modern echo rhythms by Adi   Almrausch    Country Vibes
Stefan pairs his powerful style on skis with this intensity on the trumpet:    Wunderland  bei Nacht.
Listen to some of the bands signature melodies: Klarinettenteufel
                                                                     Greetings of Vermont
Brent counts  among  the best Accordion players in the country - just listen to the technical brilliance of the:   Klarinetten Much
Slow motion
reveals Hansen's soul and deep integration with the  Saxophone.
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The other Hans fuses rhythmically all performances, plays the bells and  excels on a number of  folk instruments:    
Cowbell Song
Brent is the youngest member, is blind, and
skis cautiously. On the accordion however, he is absolutely virtuous.  He studied Piano and Accordion at the Berkeley College in Boston and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Music. 

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