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Born in the Tyrolean Alps, Adi grew up in a home overlooking a valley framed by magnificent Mountains. Skiing came naturally. Teaching skiing, playing with a band, and his caring parents gave him the pocket money for a good education. After graduation from College and a year as principal of a small public school in the mountains he  studied sports and economics at the University of Innsbruck AT, than followed an invitation to bring his skiing expertise to the brand new STRATTON MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT IN VERMONT, USA. It guided him from an expected professorship in Austria into the emerging  boom of the US  Ski Industry.  In Stratton he quickly advanced to Assistant Director,  and got offers from other resorts to head their ski school.

After 5 years at Stratton, Adi accepted the invitation by a seemingly small resort, MT.Tom in MA. While most ski schools just service the resort skier, he could see the regions huge population base, and the opportunity of reaching into nearby Communities, Universities, Colleges, Public Schools, Businesses, etc. That is what happened:

For details see: Mt. Tom
Parallel to MT. Tom Adi also gained a position in ski product development for Brunswick Corporation, a fortune 500 Comp. This turned into a serious business, as he became owner of

the                              US Division - years later.
If a sound Body, Soul, and Mind are ingredients for Health and Longevity, Adi is after them with Skiing, Music, and Business. However, he will have to reach a very high age to see his  colossal idea of a    skiTower   materialize.
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A page from the European ANBA Cataloge with Olympic Gold medal winner Ernst Hinterseer.
Mt.Tom Ski Instructors,                    Adi and Heinz