Music & Skiing

Born in the Tyrolean Alps, Adi grew up in a home overlooking a valley framed by magnificent Mountains. Skiing came naturally. Teaching skiing, playing with a band, the state, and his caring parents gave him the opportunity for a good education. After graduation from College and a year as principal of a small public school in the mountains he  studied sports and economics at the University of Innsbruck AT, than followed an invitation  by the Stratton Mt. Ski Resort  to the USA. 

Subsequently he guided a ski school in  Mass. to reach about 1 million lessons during his tenure and gained a position in ski product development for Brunswick Corporation, a Fortune 500 Corporation. After Brunswick spun off the ski division to smaller enterprises he became owner of ANBA USA the national distributor for the prestigious Austrian ski wear company, and also formed AITEC Inc. a national distributor of specialized computer components.  

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Anba of Austria  captured well the joy of skiing  with functionality and reflected it in their ski wear.