the skigym is a training device for fine-tuning  edge play.                                          (in development:  size 1 1/2  X  1 1/2  ft.)
Let me  break down your skiing ability into:
                          turning technique (edge play)
If you are already a decent skier, you probably bring  enough balance      and  improve it further with skiing.  As to the turning technique you have accumulated a lot of  the " how to": drawing of radius turns from wide open to short wedel,  skidding,  carving, railing,  cruising or staying in the fall line, adding dynamic, rhythm, flow, personality, etc. 

To carry it further you may want to look at your: edgeplay.

Now, you put balance and turning  together while exploring the terrain, and  you not just ski but enjoy an exciting performance. 
Learn to walk first - to dance later.                                                                      Adi