integrated magnificently the joy       of skiing  with functionality.

​                  The  affluence of the 60's supported the unusual rise of new ski areas across the USA, and  top level ski professional from here and abroad were in high demand.  Adi arrived in fall of 1961. Born in the Tyrolean Alps, he grew up  in a home overlooking a valley framed by magnificent Mountains. Teaching  skiing, playing in a band, and his caring parents gave him the opportunity for a higher education. After graduation from College and a year as principal of a small public school in the mountains he continued to study sports and economics at the University of Innsbruck, AT, than followed the invitation  by the Stratton Mt. Ski Resort to Vermont. He  became a founding member of the later renowned Stratton Mountain Boys, and earned a LL.B degree from the Blackstone School of Law, just to get the vibes of the country. He moved to  Mt. Tom and parallel gained a position in ski product development with Brunswick Corporation, a Fortune 500 Corporation. After Brunswick spun off the ski division he later became president and  owner of ANBA USA, the national distributor for the prestigious Austrian Ski Wear Company. He also added shipping and warehousing for an European electronic company, for a small play in the up coming technology trend.

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