Ski Tower

Skiers and visitors ascend in minutes via glass encased elevators.  Altogether, the ski tower can be a remarkable destination for a wide range of spectators and participants, seeking leisure, health and recreation. It is a matter of coordination and the world wide depth of skiing makes it all possible.

A 30 + story skiTower is a  vision of broad band ski trails spiraling from the top with a high tech ski gym at its base.  Ski touring and hiking facilities widen the scope for sport enthusiasts. Trail side rest areas improve the skiing flow, and each stop simulates a "look out' from inspiring mountain tops.
   Concert        Arena
 Hiking Trail
Beginner Trail
Main Tracks
This sample  is just the core idea and far from  the gargantuan project.

In the 60ies skiing was going strong in the USA. Resort developers knew about the part skill plays in skiing. Their carismatic ski pros, "role models on the hill", mirrored the top of recreational skiing. It gave  the public a vision to follow and  built lifetime customers bringing family friends and capital. Resorts began to mushroom with Stratton, Vail, Steamboat, Beaver Creek, just to name a few. It is said  the wave of people after World war II fueled such prosperity, confirming a consistent pattern of rising markets for the past 125 years. Baby Boomers became the ensuing wave, where Skier growth  was taken for granted and  boarding  got the spotlight. Today, while skiing no longer shows the exuberance of the 60, fundamental conditions for prosperity are similar again:
Here comes the next wave of people, the Millennials, 92 million of them. The first ones turned 34 in 2016, reaching their primetime buying age. The economy  is inserting the foundation for prosperity. New Ski resorts are not sprouting but are  consolidating into stronger hands building beautiful playgrounds.  Thus the sport has become easier to enjoy, yet easy alone is getting  boring quickly,  and  participants  need to be guided toward investing in their growing  skill. This is what fuels compassion for a lifetime participation  Unlike the 60's megaresorts will not have to import professionals  for  that, they have already a free franchise in place - PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America.) Indoor arenas, like the snowdome in New Jersey can sell out  (see Mt.Tom) and  bring the trial period for the sport closer to people, but a snow tower will  be a necesary addition  for  holding advanced skiers.
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