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by Adi
In America SKIING truly caught fire around the 60's. Virtually hundreds of local  lift installations and most of todays major  ski resorts erupted onto the scene. Nearly 65 areas operated in Massachusetts and Connecticut alone. Nationally, Mount snow emerged in 1954, Okemo in 1956, Aspen Highland, Killington, Sugarbush, Sugarloaf, Whiteface in 1958, Hunter, SundayRivern1959,Windham,Breckenridge, Alpine Meadows, Crested Bute, Vail, Park City, Steamboat, Jackson Hole Waterville, Snow Mass. Tahoe, Keystone all opened their doors in the 60's followed by Copper and Telluride two years later, and this is just to name a few. An entire ski industry, SIA,  emerged and incorporated in 1961, along with  PSIA, the Professional Ski Instructors of America. NSAA, the National Ski Area Association  formed in 1963, and many veterans of the army 10th mountain division stood by all along. Obviously,  the economic prosperity was high. Experts explain it with the wave of people emerging after world war II. It is said such waves, with subsequent affluence, are visible for the past 125 years. 

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skiing / music & a ski tower 

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    S    K    I    I    N    G

It is breath taking to stand on top of a mountain,  engulfed in glistening white and tranquility, suspended between heaven and earth. As you begin dancing on skis toward the valley below, with a sense of floating on clouds, you experience the grandeur of nature and  your capability to play in it. You invest in skill that grows with every run you take  and collect the rewards over the course of your lifespan with rising joy, health, and happiness. Family and friends can grow with you.

You have the option of sailing radius turns from wide open to short wedel, from skidding, carving, railing, to cruising, or hugging the fall line. You may add dynamic, rhythm, flow, and personality. Just like in dancing you let choreography unlock an other world, your world.