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by Adi
In the  60s when new ski resorts sprung up like mushrooms, resort developers provided the vision to follow, with ski pros    as role models on the hill. Stratton Mountain Ski Resort went    a step further by adding sound to the dazzle with the:                                                   Stratton mountain boys
 ....... theSkiTower'


skiing / music & a ski tower 

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S    K    I    I    N    G
What is it about the sport that turns many of the worlds most successful people into lifetime enthusiasts and gives an ordinary soul an equal chance to be part of it?

Well, it  is breath taking to stand on top of a Mountain, engulfed in glistening white and tranquility, suspended between haven and earth, as you begin dancing toward the valley with a sense of floating on  clouds. You experience the grandeur of nature and your capability to play it.

You have the option of sailing with radius  turns from  wide open to short wedel, from skidding, carving, railing, to cruising, or hugging the fall line.    You may add dynamic, rhythm, flow, and personality, just like in dancing where three steps of a waltz are the turning technique but choreography unlocks an other world. The point is that you unlock this world by investing in your skill and advance with every run you take.

I also love music and dare to ask  Mountains to lend me an echo from their high up cliffs. i know they will,  cause it's hard to be a Mountain standing all day long just still. *
Stratton Mt.Boys

* I am still working on this song and will bring it later.
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