by Adi

skiing / music & dance 

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                     S  K   I  I  N  G  
from a mountain top is breathtaking. You are dancing toward the valley below, and experience the grandeur of nature with your capability to play in it. Your proficiency  grows with every run as you hug the fall line or sail wide open radius turns, add dynamic rhythm and flow. Just like in dancing you let choreography unlock an other world. Your world. 

Join me at  Whistler Mountain, CDA
Notice the seamless flow from one turn into an other, as you hoover along  at ease. The key for such freedom on skis is in finetuning the  Edge play.
Let's do it at  Stratton Mountain.
Skiing is a wonderful feeling and aligns so well with music. The Stratton Mountain Ski Resort understood this perfectly when they                                                                                                                                             opened the door for the first time.