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by Adi
In fall then, you can find five of us  fusing alpine  music with skiing, the     ....... Stratton mountain boys. 
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There is a special ambiance in high Mountains. I  try to capture  it with songs like      ...... mountain vibes.
...... let's play.
 If you  wonder what's up  next, let's spin ideas,                        ....... theSkiTower'


 ...... dancing on sow.
skiing / music & a ski tower 
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........ let's dance
                      on snow. 
..........  for now, let's dance on snow,
Skiing can be breath taking as you stand on a mountain top, engulfed by glistening white and tranquility. You begin dancing toward the valley with a sense of floating on  clouds, carving your symphony in snow.

Well, it may not be that way for every one at first, until skill begins to open the door. You have the option of drawing all kind of radius turns from wide open to short wedel, from skidding, carving, railing, to cruising or staying in the fall line. You may add dynamic, rhythm, flow, and personality - just like in dancing where three steps of a waltz are the turning technique, but the choreography opens another world .   

99% of such skiing is done on edges, arch - transition - arch. The secret  is in fine tuning the edge play and let your  body pull the lines. If speed is to your liking, it still is the turning skill that determines how fast you sink into a curve and excel from it. It's not how quickly you reach the bottom of a mountain, but how you experience speed by making your trip last.     (Obviously, racing is another ball game.)