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by Adi
This other world is what gives skiing its longevity and brings skiers back for a lifetime  with family friends and capital.  In the 60s when new ski resorts sprung up like mushrooms, resort developers provided the vision to follow, with ski pros as role models on the hill. Stratton Mountain Ski Resort went a step further by adding music to the dance with the:                                                                         Stratton mountain boys
 ....... theSkiTower'


skiing / music & a ski tower 

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Skiing  is breath taking,  as you stand on top of a mountain, engulfed in glistening white and tranquility. You begin dancing toward the valley with a sense of floating on  clouds.

Well, it may not be that way at first, until you invest in skill. You have the option of drawing all kind of radius turns from skidding, carving, railing, to wide open or short wedel. You may fine tune the edge play for cruising or staying in the fall line. You may add dynamic, rhythm, flow, and personality, and not just steer  skis but have them follow you  - just like in dancing where three steps of a waltz are the turning technique and choreography unlocks an other world.

Thus, it's not how quickly you reach the bottom of a mountain but how you experience making your trip last. (Obviously, racing is another ball game.) 
Stratton Mt.Boys